Ryan Chavers President / CEO
Ryan plays a large roll in Chavers construction estimating and project management.  He has been in the site industry since 1996 and stepped into his role as president of Chavers Construction in 2002.  Ryan graduated from Flomaton High in 1998 and attended college at Jefferson Davis. He holds several licenses and certifications related to his line of work including:
  • Certified Building Construction for the state of Florida
  • Registered Septic Tank Contractor for the state of FL
  • Advanced maintenance of traffic certification
  • Certified Subcontractor with the Alabama State Licensing board
Ryan also has some accounting experience and is capable of bringing in you project in on time and budget.  As with all Chavers construction employees Ryan is committed to quality, timeliness, and safety.
Kevin Carnley Head Superintendent / Project manager
Kevin has been in the industry for over 25 years where he started as a laborer and worked his way through the ranks. Kevin's extensive experience gives him a greater insight to possible solutions and more tools to work with when thinking outside the box. Kevin's position with the company makes him the goto guy for most matters on the site. He is committed to quality and timely completion. His general demeanor makes him easy to work on your project.
Brian Toomey Superintendent / Utility License Qualifying Agent
Brian, having been in the construction industry 30+ years, Carries the most extensive resume of any of the Chavers team. He has spent lots of time in the concrete industry, site industry, and utility industry. Brian typically will act as the supervisor during concrete pouring operations, however his primary function at Chavers is utility installation as he is the utility qualifying agent for Chavers Construction. Brian shines on utility projects where time is of the essence. Quality of work and timely completion make Brian a key play in the Chavers team.
Robert Chavers Superintendent / Foreman
Robert is a younger member of the team that has already begun to shine. Robert has been with Chavers about 5 years where he pushed through the ranks. Robert is one on the most skilled craftsmen and operators. His most recent achievement was to run a six man crew on Eglin air force base and put together a 600k job. Robert is a great asset to your project weather he is leading the team or participating as a member.
Shannon Garrison Office Manager
Shannon has a combined experience as office manager in the construction field of well over 10 years. Most of your accounting interactions with Chavers construction will be handled by her. She is responsive and when unable to tackle a situation directly will make sure that your need is attended to by the proper team member. Feel free to call Shannon at our office Monday thru Friday 8:00 to 12:00 and 1:00 to 4:00 as she can direct your need to the proper solution source.
The additional team members play a large role in job completion. Chavers takes pride in the fact that all positions held, even laborer, usually include a good craftsman that has a specialty.
Tommy Gilmore
Lute Man, CDL Driver, Operator, Laborer
Dewayne Polk
Laborer, Roller Operator
Bobby Campbell
Foreman, Operator, Mechanic, CDL driver
Robert Kirby
Foreman, Operator
Josh Toomey
Laborer, Operator
Matt Lee
Lute Man
Matt Howard
Lute Man
Hugo Hernandez
Concrete Finisher, Laborer
Jose Vizcaya
Concrete Finisher, Laborer
Victor Vizcaya
Concrete Finisher, Laborer