Chavers Construction takes safety seriously. We provide all our key members with OSHA training and certification. We also enthusiastically conform to any industrial plant or road side additional requirements and safety gear. We have trained traffic control personnel that can help you in designing your Maintanance Of Traffic plans to insure safe jobsite conditions. We have an active safety plan and a designated safety inspector helping keep your job safe. As of 2010 we have had no jobsite injuries since our founding in 1999. Let us know how we can help keep you jobsite a safe one.
Safety Plan (DOC)
Download the Chavers Construction Safety Plan in Word format.
Our Current EMR Number is 0.67.
EMR is the acronym for Experience Modification Rate. The EMR is a factor that reflects the safety record of a company. A lower EMR rating means fewer accidents. Some owners and contractors have adopted the policy of limiting bidders to those who have an EMR below a certain threshold level. The table below shows EMR ratings for contractors in the construction industry based on a study by Stanford University.
EMR Ranges and Ratings
1.30 - 2.05 Poor
1.05 - 1.29 Inadequate
0.82 - 1.04 Fair
0.72 - 0.81 Effective
0.50 - 0.71 Superior