KFC Approx $670,000.00
at Michigan Ave & Mobile Hwy
This project was completed in fall 09 and enlisted our participation as sole site contractor. We started at the clearing and grubbing phase and worked all the way to the end.
Work Performed:Clearing and Grubbing,Earth Work,Utilities,Base Work,Paving,Concrete,D.O.T. Turning Lane,Final Grading,Retaining Wall,Striping
Project Address Customer
6000 Mobile Hwy
Pensacola, FL
RTC General Contracting
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Lutheran Church Approx $300,000.00
at Blue Angel Parkway
This project was completed in 07 and included extensive DOT work. Highlights of this project include DOT work. Blue angle, A busy state highway, Was widdened to provide room for a turn lane in the middle and west sides. We also built all parking and drive areas of the project.
Work Performed:Clearing and Grubbing,Earth Work,Utilities,Base Work,Paving,Concrete,D.O.T. Turning Lane,D.O.T. Road Widening,Final Grading
Project Address Customer
6305 Blue Angel Parkway
Pensacola, FL
Laney Construction
Gary Laney
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UPS Approx $960,000.00
at Longleaf Dr
UPS was one of our larger sites with the highlight being a 27,000 square foot retaining wall extending over 25 feet in height. We participated as sole site contractor carring all responsibilities of the site less landscaping.
Work Performed:Clearing and Grubbing,Earth Work,Utilities,Storm Water System,Base Work,Paving,Concrete,County Turning Lane,Final Grading,Retaining Wall
Project Address Customer
2425 Long Leaf Dr
Pensacola, FL 32526
Thomco Enterprises
Ted Gilstrap
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Battery Source Approx $520,000.00
at 9 Mile Rd
Battery source was a larger site where we acted as sole site contractor. The highlights of this site was the transformation of large areas of high water table unsuitable swamp land to buildable acrege. This was acomplished through soil transplantation and extensive french drainage systems.
Work Performed:French Drainage Systems,Clearing and Grubbing,Earth Work,Base Work,Paving,Concrete,Storm Water System,D.O.T. Entrance,Final Grading
Project Address Customer
1280 E. Nine Mile Road
Pensacola, FL 32534
Battery Source Ent.
C.R. Glass
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Coastal Orthodontics Approx $110,000.00
Coastal Orthodontics was one of the smaller sites and its highligh would exist in the fact that Chavers construction can perform on small, less than an acre sites.
Work Performed:Clearing and Grubbing,Storm Water System,Earth Work,Base Work,Paving,Concrete,Retaining Wall,Final Grading
Project Address Customer
900 Blk Garden Gate Circle
Pensacola, FL
Sims Construction
Mal Sims
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Country Inn & Suites Approx $270,000.00
at Wild Lake Rd
Country Inn is an example of how Chavers construction can work side by sid with a GC to acomplish a good looking project in a timely fashon. On this 5 story hotel Chavers was hired directly by the owner and not the GC so additional coordination and flexability was made to accomplish the satisfaction of all parties. Graham Construction would validate our participation in a working relationship by contacting Tim Southwell, project manager, at 704 786 4181.
Work Performed:Clearing and Grubbing,Earth Work,Storm Water System,Utilities,Base Work,Paving,Concrete,Final Grading
Project Address Customer
2607 Wild Lake Road
Pensacola, FL
Nick & Jatin Bhakuta
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The Crab Trap Approx $245,000.00
at Main St
This job was of standard size and included concrete pavers for part of the hardscape. Chavers construction performed this task in house and offer this location as an illistration of its holding in the paver industry.
Work Performed:Clearing and Grubbing,Storm Water System,Earth Work,Base work,Paving,Concrete,Concrete Pavers,Final Grading
Project Address Customer
455 West Main Street
Pensacola, FL
Triple R Construction
Rick Roche
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Fire Station Approx $160,000.00
at Pensacola Beach
This job, although relatively small, was one of the more tedious in our portfolio. The small sized site had little to no lay down areas so frequent mobilizations were necessary. Despite the unforseen obsticles Chavers construction maintained good repor with the GC and its subs and completed the project as instructed.
Work Performed:Clearing and Grubbing,Earth Work,Storm Water System,Base Work,Paving,Concrete,Concrete Pavers,Final Grading
Project Address Customer
Via Del Luna Ln
Pensacola Beach, FL
Green Simmons Company
Grant Holms
Additional Photos
Circle K Approx $90,000.00
New Warrington Rd
On the circle K project we steped in as second tier subcontractor and took the job from 60% complete to a great looking finished product. The job featured a large amount of roght of way work were we coordinated with the D.O.T. and county inspectors.
Work Performed:Base Work,Paving,Signalization,Concrete,D.O.T. Turning Lane
Project Address Customer
601 N. New Warrington Road
Pensacola, FL
Arnett's Grading
Chad Arnett
Additional Photos
Tarklin Bayou Approx $120,000.00
No description available
Work Performed:Grading
Project Address Customer
Hwy 98 and SR 293
Pensacola, FL
Deptartment of Enviromental Protection
Steve Stinnent
JIEDDO Battle Course Ranges Approx $900,000.00
at Eglin Air Force Base
No description available
Work Performed:Grading,Paving
Project Address Customer
Site C-87 and Site D-51
Eglin, FL
Carter's Contracting
Cody Carter
Additional Photos